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Push-ups :20 timesWalking :0 minutesStanding on one foot :10 minutes eachCigarettes :0jogging-on-the-spot :0 minutes

I have succeeded in preventing myself from smoking for seven years and two hundred and twenty days in a row.I was able to keep 20-time push-ups for the seventeenth straight day and over12-time push-ups for the thirty-third consecutive day.

It's too hot and too humid especially today.The highest temperature might not be the highest this summer, but actuallya sense of discomfort from the high humidity is almost deadly.I well remember that, several years agao, such abnormally hot days had continued for a few weeks over July and August in Nagoya, when the two high-pressure systemsfrom the Pacific and Asian Continent had continued to cover the Japanese Archipelago.I really have to keep myself together to survive this summer.